Offenses Generally
   130.01   Visiting or talking to prisoners without permission
   130.02   Damaging public or private property
   130.03   Posting advertisements on property of another
   130.04   Political advertising and other advertising upon utility poles and public right-of-way prohibited
   130.05   Loudspeakers — use on or near streets
   130.06   Franchise holders charging excessive rates
   130.07   Wells, pits and the like to be protected
   130.08   Disorderly conduct
   130.09   Discharging firearms
   130.10   Shooting air gun or slingshot
   130.11   Sleeping in public places or vehicle, doorway or vacant building of another
   130.12   Loitering
   130.13   [Reserved]
   130.14   Males entering or using ladies' rest room
   130.15   Pornographic material; wholesalers and retailers required to identify materials
   130.16   Inhalants and prohibited inhalants; sale and use
   130.17   Police identification numbers
   130.18   [Reserved]
   130.19   [Reserved]
   130.20   Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on city property and in certain areas adjacent to parks
   130.21   Noise as nuisance
   130.22   Sexual offender: residency restrictions
   130.23   Property owners prohibited from renting real property to sexual offenders
   130.24   Prepayment for fuel at retail fuel business
   130.25   Use of skateboards, roller skates and roller blades prohibited on designated property
   130.26   Restricted smoking materials
   130.27   Returned check charge
Parking on Private Property
   130.60   Definitions
   130.61   General parking restrictions
   130.62   Residential parking restrictions
   130.63   Recreational vehicle parking
   130.64   Impoundment of illegally parked vehicles or equipment
   130.99   Penalty
   Damaging parking meters, see § 72.47
   Damaging property on Lake Pat Cleburne, see § 98.063
   Damaging traffic-control devices, see § 70.26
   Damaging trees during house moving, see § 150.094
   Multi-Channel Services Providers
      Preferential or discriminatory treatment prohibited, see § 112.071
      Tampering with equipment, see § 112.028
      Unauthorized reception, see § 112.028
   Vandalism in cemeteries, see § 92.16