Solid Waste Collection
958.01   Definitions.
958.02   Collection of solid waste.
958.03   Solid waste containers.
958.04   Interference by animals.
958.05   Presumption of generating solid waste; disposal.
958.06   Prohibited practices.
958.07   Waste collection services tax;  imposition and levy; amount.
958.08   Collection; time of payment.
958.09   Recycling.
958.10   Notice to pay lawful charges for waste collection and to secure pick-up of solid waste.
958.11   Removal by City.
958.12   Fines and fees.
958.99   Penalty.
Authority to regulate - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(3),(10)
Municipal service fees - see W. Va. Code 8-13-13
Loads dropping or leaking - see TRAF. 347.04
Deposits of garbage and rubbish - see GEN. OFF. 537.06 et seq.
Open burning of solid wastes - see FIRE PREV. Art. 1511