Art. 501. Administration and Law Enforcement.
Art. 505. Animals and Fowl Generally.
Art. 507. Dogs.
Art. 508. Animal Cruelty; Minimum Standards of Care for Domestic Animals.
Art. 509. Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Art. 513. Gambling.
Art. 517. Indecency and Sexual Offenses.
Art. 519. Junk Vehicles. (Repealed) (Refer to Section 303.14)
Art. 521. Liquor Control.
Art. 525. Minors.
Art. 527. Noise Control.
Art. 529. Offenses Relating to Persons.
Art. 531. Railroads.
Art. 533. Offenses Relating to Property.
Art. 535. Obscene Materials.
Art. 536. Nude Dancing.
Art. 537. Safety and Sanitation.
Art. 541. Streets and Sidewalks.
Art. 545. Weapons.
Art. 549. Public Nuisances.
Art. 553. Hypodermic Needles and Syringes; Needle Exchange Program.
Art. 557. Deadly Weapons on Public Property and City Property.
Art. 561. Sitting and/or Lying on Public Sidewalks.
Art. 565. Community Service as Punishment for Violations of Municipal Ordinances.