Oil and Gas Wells
   170.01   Definitions
   170.02   Permit required
   170.03   Drilling in streets or alleys prohibited
   170.04   Well location
   170.05   Application for drilling permit; filing fee
   170.06   Contents of application
   170.07   Issuance or refusal of permit
   170.08   Permittee's insurance and bond
   170.09   Appointment of oil and gas inspector
   170.10   Drilling of well below 12,000 feet prohibited
   170.11   Deeper drilling; supplemental permit
   170.12   Derrick and rig
   170.13   Earthen and steel slush pits
   170.14   Casing; setting and cementing
   170.15   Valves and blow-out preventors
   170.16   Drilling fluid
   170.17   Drill stem tests
   170.18   Tubing
   170.19   Bradenhead
   170.20   Christmas tree and well-head connections
   170.21   Premises to be kept clean and sanitary
   170.22   Mufflers required
   170.23   Storage tanks and separators
   170.24   Enclosure of completed well with fence
   170.25   Venting and flaring of gas
   170.26   Abandonment and plugging
   170.27   Disposal of salt water
   170.28   Violation of state and federal laws or regulations
   170.29   City policy
   170.30   Limitations on permits; cancellation
   170.31   Drilling near municipal water wells
   170.32   Administration by City Commission
   170.33   Drilling plat; "developed" and "undeveloped portions"
   170.34   Formation of drilling blocks in "undeveloped" and "developed portions" of city
   170.35   Estates of landowners
   170.36   Rights of landowners in "developed portion" of city
   170.37   Notice to landowners in "developed portion" of city
   170.38   Limitation on number of wells
Water Wells
   170.50   Prohibitions
   170.51   Permits
   170.52   Location of well sites
   170.53   Premises, materials, tools, and drilling equipment
   170.54   Drilling records
   170.55   Abandoned wells to be plugged
   170.99   Penalty