17-10-0300 Bicycle parking.
   17-10-0301 Spaces Required. Except as expressly stated in Section 17-10-0301-B, bicycle parking must be provided in accordance with the off-street parking ratios of Section 17-10-0200.
      17-10-0301-A Unless otherwise expressly stated, whenever bicycle parking is required, at least 2 bicycle spaces must be provided.
      17-10-0301-B No use is required to provide more than 50 bicycle parking spaces.
      17-10-0301-C The Zoning Administrator is authorized to approve an administrative adjustment reducing the number of bicycle spaces required for a particular use in accordance with Sec. 17-13-1003-GG.
   17-10-0302 Design and Location.
      17-10-0302-A Required bicycle parking spaces for nonresidential uses must have minimum dimensions of 2 feet in width by 6 feet in length, with a minimum overhead vertical clearance of 7 feet. Racks and other fixtures used to provide required bicycle parking for nonresidential uses must be of a design that is approved by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Such fixtures must be affixed securely to the ground or a building, to which a bicycle may be locked or chained. Bicycle racks are not required for bicycle parking associated with residential uses. Required bicycle parking for residential uses may be provided in garages, storage rooms and other resident-accessible, secure areas.
      17-10-0302-B Required bicycle parking may be located indoors or outdoors. Such spaces must be located on private property unless the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation approves location within the public right-of-way. If required bicycle parking facilities are not visible from the street, signs must be posted indicating their location.
      17-10-0302-C A nonresidential use may use up to two vehicle parking spaces required under this Chapter as space for providing bicycle parking.
      17-10-0302-D Space within dwelling units or on balconies may not be counted toward satisfying bicycle parking requirements.
      17-10-0302-E Areas used for required bicycle parking must be:
         1.   paved and drained to be reasonably free of mud, dust, and standing water; and
         2.   well-lighted.
   17-10-0303 Non-accessory Parking. A non-accessory parking facility must provide bicycle parking area equivalent to 2 parking spaces if the facility has more than 250 parking spaces. The space must contain lockers, hard covers or shells, or other similar structures or devices in which bicycles may be individually covered and locked.
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