10-30-020 Permit required.
   (a)   No telecommunications provider shall install or maintain any telecommunications equipment on, over or under the public way without first having obtained a telecommunications provider permit issued by the commissioner pursuant to this chapter, after consultation with the executive director.
   (b)   The commissioner shall deny the issuance of a permit under this chapter, or shall revoke any such permit, only if:
      (1)   the commissioner determines that the installation or maintenance of the telecommunications equipment would endanger public health or safety or otherwise inconvenience the public; or
      (2)   the commissioner determines that the telecommunications provider has not paid any applicable infrastructure maintenance fee or license fee; has not provided any security required pursuant to this chapter or regulations issued thereunder; has not complied with specifications prescribed under this chapter; or has otherwise failed to comply with the provisions of this Code, or any rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto.
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