10-30-010 Definitions.
   (a)   "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the department of transportation of the City of Chicago.
   (b)   "Department" means the office of emergency management and communications of the City of Chicago.
   (b-1) "Executive director" means the executive director of emergency management and communications of the City of Chicago.
   (c)   "Public way" or "public ways" means city highways, streets, alleys, public rights-of-way dedicated or commonly used for utility purposes and water. Public way shall not include any city property that is not specifically described in the previous sentence, and shall not include city buildings and other structures and improvements, regardless of whether they are situated in the public ways. However, the commissioner may, when necessary for the purposes of this chapter, designate other city property, that is functionally similar to the public way, as the public way for some or all purposes of this chapter. The designation shall be made pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated under Section 10-30-050.
   (d)   "Telecommunications" has the meaning ascribed to the term in Section 3-73-020 of this Code.
   (e)   "Telecommunications provider" means any person who provides telecommunications services.
   (f)   "Telecommunications equipment" does not include pay telephones that are subject to Section 10-28-265 of this Code.
   For purposes of this chapter, the definitions in this section shall control over any other definition of the same term contained in another chapter of this Code.
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