Section 1.   Composition and Term.
   Section 2.     Qualifications. (11-7-17)
   Section 3.     Removal.
   Section 4.     Vacancies.
   Section 5.     Salaries.
   Section 6.     Organization. (11-7-17)
   Section 7.     Meetings.
   Section 8.    General Provisions.
Article IV. The Mayor
   Section 1.     Term of Office.
   Section 2.    Judicial Powers of the Mayor.
   Section 3.     Veto Powers of the Mayor.
   Section 4.     Election of Successor in Case of Vacancy.
   Section 5.    Executive Powers of the Mayor.
Article V. Administrative Departments and Commissions
   Section 1(a).   General Provisions.
   Section 2.   Director of Law.
   Section 2(a).   Magistrate.
   Section 2(b).   Prosecutor.
   Section 3.   Director of Finance. (11-7-17)
   Section 4.   Duties of the Building Department.
   Section 5.     Director of Service.
   Section 6.   Civil Service Commission.
   Section 7.   Duties of the Civil Service Commission.
   Section 8.   Duties of the Director of Public Safety.
   Section 9.   City Planning Commission.
   Section 10(a).   Powers and Duties of the Planning Commission.
   Section 10(b). Mandatory Referral to Electors. (11-7-17)
   Section 11(a).   Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Section 11(b). Jurisdiction of Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Section 12.   Recreation Board.
Article VI. Procedure for Nominations and Elections
Article VII. Initiative, Referendum, and Recall
   Section 1.   Initiative and Referendum.
   Section 2.   Recall.
Article VIII. Contracts and Fiscal Matters on Rate of Taxation
   Section 1.   Contracts and Fiscal Matters.
   Section 2.   Limitations on Rate of Taxation.
Article IX. Franchises
Article X. Amendments to Charter
Article X-A. Charter Review Commission
Article XI. Miscellaneous
   Section 1.   Effective Date of this Charter.
   Section 2.   Saving Clause.
   Section 3.    Effect of Charter Upon Existing Laws, Ordinances and/or Rights.
   Section 4.   Use of Gender.
   Section 5.   Terminology and Definitions of the Charter.