Chap. 701.    Admissions Tax.
Chap. 705.    Alarm Systems.
Chap. 707.    Banks and Financial Institutions.
Chap. 709.    Coin-Operated Amusement Devices.
Chap. 713.    Public Social Functions and Special Events.
Chap. 717.    Home Sales.
Chap. 721.    Ice Cream Vendors.
Chap. 725.    Motion Picture Machines and Films.
Chap. 727. Commercial Security.
Chap. 729.    Cigarette and Tobacco Vendors; Sales to Persons Under 21.
      Chap. 731.   Donation Boxes.
Chap. 733.    Public Outdoor Shows.
Chap. 735.    Tattooing and/or Body Piercing.
Chap. 737.    Solicitors and Peddlers.
Chap. 739.    Wireless Communication, Antennas and Towers.
Chap. 741. T   emporary Businesses.
Chap. 745.    Fair Housing.
Chap. 746.    Lease Protections for Domestic Violence Victims and Landlords.
Chap. 747.    Excise Tax on Hotel Accommodations.
Chap. 749.    Registration of Contractors.
Chap. 753.    Outside Sale and Display of Merchandise.
Chap. 755.    Gas Stations.
Chap. 757.    Unit Pricing of Consumer Commodities.
      Chap. 759. Retail Disposable Bag Recycling.
      Chap. 761.   Food Trucks.
Chap. 763.    Public Dance Halls; Teen Dance Clubs.
Chap. 765. Apartment House Security.