Article I.  Installation
   13.00.100   Definitions
   13.00.110   When connection with city lines required
   13.00.120   Permit to connect with main sewer lines
   13.00.130   Separate connection required for each structure; exceptions
   13.00.140   Use of existing sewers; inspection and permit required
   13.00.150   Inspection/right of entry
   13.00.160   Food grinders prohibited
   13.00.170   Construction standards
Article II.  Use
   13.00.200   Definitions
   13.00.210   Use of public sewers required
   13.00.220   Discharge in natural outlets regulated
   13.00.230   Industrial wastewater
   13.00.240   Prohibitions and limitations on discharges
   13.00.250   Illegal discharges and unauthorized connections
   13.00.260   Enforcement of article
Article III.  Charges for Sewage and Sanitation Services
   13.00.300   Council to fix charges
   13.00.310   Method of billing; payable in accordance with regulations for municipal utility service
Article IV.  Sewer Connection Fees
   13.00.400   Purpose and intent
   13.00.410   Time of payment of fees
   13.00.420   Sewer fund
   13.00.430   Sewer connection fees
Article V.  Fats, Oils and Grease Disposal
   13.00.500   Intent and purpose
   13.00.510   Definitions
   13.00.520   FOG discharge limitations
   13.00.521   Prohibitions
   13.00.522   Food grinders prohibited
   13.00.530   FOG wastewater discharge permit required
   13.00.540   FOG pretreatment and grease control device required
   13.00.541   Variance and waiver of grease interceptor requirement
   13.00.542   Best management practices required
   13.00.543   Grease control device operation and maintenance requirements
   13.00.544   Multiple food facilities at commercial properties
   13.00.545   Grease disposal mitigation fee
   13.00.546   Payment of charges
   13.00.550   Sewer system overflows and interferences, public nuisance, abatement orders and cleanup costs
   13.00.551   Notification of spill
   13.00.560   Inspection and sampling conditions
   13.00.561   Right of entry
   13.00.570   Violations
   13.00.571   Public nuisance
   13.00.572   Damages to facilities or interruption of normal operations
   13.00.580   Enforcement
   13.00.581   Compliance schedule agreement
   13.00.582   FOG wastewater discharge permit suspension
   13.00.583   FOG wastewater discharge permit revocation
   13.00.584   Termination of service
   13.00.585   Emergency suspension order
   13.00.586   Appeals
Article VI.  Legal Authority and Penalties
   13.00.600   Legal authority and enforcement
   13.00.610   Civil penalties
   13.00.620   Criminal penalties
   13.00.630   Judicial review
   13.00.640   Severability and general application