A.   Upon determination by the City Manager that a permittee or other owner or operator of a food facility or owner of a property or a discharger is not in compliance with the terms and conditions specified in its FOG wastewater discharge permit or any provision of this chapter, or needs to construct and/or acquire and install a grease control device or grease interceptor, the City Manager may require the permittee, owner or operator to enter into a compliance schedule agreement (CSA).
   B.   The issuance of a CSA may contain terms and conditions as determined appropriate by the City Manager, including but not limited to requirements for installation of a grease control device, grease interceptor and facilities, submittal of drawings or reports, audit of waste hauling records, best management and waste minimization practices, payment of fees, or other provisions to ensure compliance with this chapter.
   C.   The City Manager shall not enter into a CSA until such time as all amounts owed to the city, including permit and other user or discharge fees, noncompliance sampling fees, or other amounts due under this chapter are paid in full, or an agreement for deferred payment secured by collateral or a third party, is approved by the City Manager.
   D.   If compliance is not achieved in accordance with the terms and conditions of a CSA during its term, the City Manager may issue an order suspending or revoking the discharge permit pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 1137, passed 4-20-10)