§ 13.00.400  PURPOSE AND INTENT.
   The development of buildings and other facilities for human habitation in the city has created a need for the expansion of city sewer facilities and has increased the cost of maintaining the city’s sewerage system. Accordingly, it is the intent of the Council that any person constructing a new building or such facility shall pay the fees prescribed in this article, or as subsequently established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council, prior to connecting the same to the city’s sewerage system. The payment of the fees prescribed in this Article IV is required and assessed pursuant to the revenue raising power of the city in order to produce revenues to be utilized solely for the maintenance and repair of the sewerage system of the city and to provide new facilities of general benefit to that system and those persons utilizing it such as, but not limited to trunk lines.  Fees set forth in this Article IV may be amended at any time by ordinance or resolution of the City Council in accordance with Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 66000 through 66018, or any successor provisions thereto.
(Ord. 1137, passed 4-20-10)