(a)   When the City determines that development activity or maintenance of an approved stormwater management system is not being carried out in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, it shall issue a written notice of violation to the owner or other appropriate responsible entity. The notice of violation shall contain the following items:
      (1)   The name and address of the owner or other responsible entity.
      (2)   The street address when available or a description of the building structure or land where the violation is occurring.
      (3)   A statement specifying the nature of the violation.
      (4)   A description of the remedial actions necessary to bring the development activity into compliance with this chapter, and a time schedule for completion of such remedial actions.
      (5)   A statement of the penalty or penalties that shall or may be assessed against the person(s) to whom the notice of violation is directed.
      (6)   A statement that the determination of violation by the City may be appealed to the City Commission within fifteen days of service of notice of violation.
   (b)   Said notice is to be served upon the person(s) to whom it is directed, either personally in the manner provided for personal service of notices in the court, or through certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested. A notice of violation issued pursuant to this section constitutes a determination from which an administrative appeal may be taken to the City Commission.
(Ord. 11-01. Passed 8-21-01; Ord. 04-08.  Passed 3-18-08.)