1048.05  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following activities shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter:
   (a)   Single-family or duplex homes built on individual lots that are part of a larger subdivision with a City-approved storm water management permit.
   (b)   Maintenance activity that does not change or affect the quality, rate, volume, or location of storm water flows on the site or runoff from the site.
   (c)   Bona fide agricultural pursuits for which a soil conservation plan has been approved by the Cahoun County Enforcing Agency (CEA).
   (d)   Action taken under emergency conditions to prevent imminent harm or danger to persons or to protect property from imminent fire, violent storms, tornadoes, flooding, or other hazards, whether man-made or naturally occurring.
   (e)   Known contaminated sites, as identified by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, provided the parcel is currently in compliance with its due care plan.
(Ord. 11-01. Passed 8-21-01; Ord. 16-2019.  Passed 12-17-19.)