Within all riverine floodplains where the floodway has not been determined, the developer shall have an engineering study performed to determine a flood conveyance path to demonstrate that a proposed development will have no singular or cumulative impact on flood heights or velocities, as required by this chapter. The developer shall submit that engineering study for review and acceptance. In the case of riverine floodplains draining greater than one square mile, it shall also be sent to MDEQ or FEMA for review and approval. Upon acceptance, the developer can then choose to locate all development activity outside of the flood conveyance path or meet the performance standards of this chapter. Should the flood conveyance path be determined so as to include land not owned by the applicant, notice to the affected property owners shall be made for comment.
(Ord. 11-01. Passed 8-21-01; Ord. 16-2019.  Passed 12-17-19.)