The City finds that uncontrolled stormwater runoff from developed land adversely affects the public health, safety, and welfare because:
   (a)   Impervious surfaces increase the quantity and velocity of surface runoff, resulting in less percolation of water through soil and increased erosion and flooding conditions.
   (b)   Improper collection and conveyance of stormwater adversely affects off-site property and increases the incidence and severity of flooding, which can endanger property and human life.
   (c)   Increased erosion leads to sedimentation in stormwater management systems that decrease their hydraulic capacity.
   (d)   Stormwater runoff often contains nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which adversely affect flora and fauna by accelerating eutrophication of receiving waters.
   (e)   The City has adopted a comprehensive land use plan that establishes proposed land use and infrastructure service needs for undeveloped areas of the City.
   (f)   Inadequate soil erosion and sedimentation control practices can cause increased turbidity, the cloudiness caused by having soil particles suspended in the water column.
(Ord. 11-01. Passed 8-21-01.)