(a)   If a previously permitted development is found to be in violation of Chapter 1047, then the violating development must, per orders of the Director, implement the best management practices as set forth in the TRM, to eliminate the offending discharge into the storm sewer system.
   (b)   All new and redevelopment projects in the City involving .5 acres of land or more, in addition to complying with the provisions of Chapter 1047, must comply with the applicable water quality requirements as set out in the TRM.
      (1)   Phosphorous in stormwater runoff must be reduced as per the City's specified requirements as set forth in the TRM.
   (c)   Developments consisting of greater than fifty percent impervious surface or containing a potential source of oil and grease contamination shall include a baffle, skimmer, grease trap, or other suitable oil and grease separation mechanism as described in the TRM.
   (d)   The City may require reduction efforts on an individual site or universal basis, to be undertaken for other pollutants as they are identified to be threats to public health and safety and addressed.
(Ord. 04-08.  Passed 3-18-08; Ord. 16-2019.  Passed 12-17-19.)