1444.01   Permits required prior to commencing work.
1444.02   Specific permits.
1444.03   Permit applications.
1444.04   Permit information.
1444.05   Submission of specifications and plans; reference to Code compliance; waiver.
1444.06   Plot plan information.
1444.07   Additional data and plan supplements.
1444.08   Abandonment of applications.
1444.09   Application and plan examination and approval.
1444.10   Permit conditions and rights; commencement of work; site markers; surface water drainage; lot revision.
1444.11   Permit contents.
1444.12   Refund of expired fees; application of fees to new permits.
1444.13   Plans at work site.
1444.14   Posting and display of permit card at work site.
1444.15   General permit fees.
1444.16   Electric wiring permit fees.
1444.17   Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation permit fees.
1444.18   Plumbing permit fees.
1444.19   Permit required for roll-off containers in city right-of-way; deposit/fee.
1444.99   Penalty.
Editor’s note:
   This chapter was re-enacted in its entirety by Ord. 54-1988, passed 3-28-1988.
   Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, see § 6.02
   Division of Building Inspection, see B.& H. Ch. 1442
   Fees for plan approval, see Ohio R.C. 3791.07
   Registration fees, see B.& H. 1422.04