A separate permit is required to commence or proceed with each operation regulated by or included under the provisions of this Building Code as follows (new or reconstruction):
   (A)   To construct or erect a building or structure;
   (B)   To construct or erect an addition to an existing building;
   (C)   To erect, re-erect, place, hang or in any manner display a sign or outdoor advertising display, except when the same is on the inside of a building;
   (D)   To make major alterations in or on a building or structure;
   (E)   To repair the structural parts of a building or structure;
   (F)   To erect a chimney, smokestack, flue, factory built fireplace or masonry fireplace when not included in a permit for a building or structure;
   (G)   To install electrical wiring, electric devices, low voltage and telecommunications wiring;
   (H)   To perform grading, paving, excavating or fill;
   (I)   To erect a fire escape or exterior stairs when not included in a permit for a building or structure;
   (J)   To install heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems and/or equipment;
   (K)   To construct a foundation in advance of a superstructure;
   (L)   To construct structural elements or building shell in the absence of complete plans;
   (M)   To erect a marquee or canopy;
   (N)   To move a building;
   (O)   To install plumbing and plumbing devices;
   (P)   To raise or lower a building;
   (Q)   To raze or demolish a building or part of a building;
   (R)   To recover the exterior walls and soffits of a building or structure with other than a liquid protective material;
   (S)   To install solar collectors or generating devices;
   (T)   To install energy conservation devices or materials (except storm doors and windows);
   (U)   To construct a retaining wall, the top of which will be more than three feet above the adjoining grade;
   (V)   To install sidewalk elevators or lifts;
   (W)   To install storm or sanitary sewers or laterals outside of public rights-of-way;
   (X)   To erect a tent or air supported structure of more than 400 square feet of area;
   (Y)   To construct a vault under a sidewalk;
   (Z)   To install ventilating and exhaust systems;
   (AA)   To occupy a portion of a roadway or a street;
   (BB)   To erect or replace a fence or wall over three feet high;
   (CC)   To erect, install, repair or alter any other structure, appliance or device for which a permit fee is required by this Building Code (except repairs to stairs leading to stoops less than 30 inches high);
   (DD)   Fire alarms, detection fire communications or suppression systems;
   (EE)   Installation of storage tanks and miscellaneous structures;
   (FF)   Removal of tanks; and
   (GG)   To tear off and replace all types of roofing materials.
(Prior Code, § 1444.02)  (Ord. 54-1988, passed 3-28-1988; Ord. 79-2002, passed 6-10-2002)