General Provisions
   150.01   Purpose of regulations
   150.02   Building Code; adoption
   150.03   Amendments to codes
   150.04   Compliance with codes
   150.05   Copies of codes filed with Town Clerk
Administration and Enforcement
   150.15   Inspections
   150.16   Enforcement of building regulations
   150.17   Enforcement of Housing Code
   150.18   Enforcement of Zoning Code
   150.19   Building permit required; application; issuance; fees; posting permit
Unsafe Buildings
   150.30   Repair, closing, or demolition of abandoned or unsafe structures
   150.31   Finding; intent
   150.32   Duties of Town Manager or designee
   150.33   Powers of Town Manager or his or her designee
   150.34   Standards for enforcement
   150.35   Procedure for enforcement
   150.36   Vacated and closed structures
   150.37   Methods of service of complaints and orders
   150.38   In rem action by Town Manager or his or her designee; placarding
   150.39   Costs; a lien on premises
   150.40   Alternative remedies
   150.41   Standards for boarding a vacant building
Property Address Posting
   150.45   Purpose and intent
   150.46   Authority
   150.47   Jurisdiction
   150.48   Definitions
   150.49   Address number assignments
   150.50   Number display
   150.51   Enforcement
   150.52   Notice of violation; corrective measures
Energy Conservation and Load Management
Equipment on New Residential and
Mobile Home Electric Services
   150.60   Findings
   150.61   Definitions
   150.62   Load management equipment
   150.63   Town's residential rate
   150.64   Tampering with or impeding installation of load management equipment
   150.65   Exemptions
   150.66   Inspection of load management equipment
   150.99   Penalty