Article I.   Incorporation and Corporate Powers
   1.1   Incorporation and general powers
   1.2   Exercise of powers
   1.3   Enumerated powers not exclusive
Article II.   Corporate Boundaries
   2.1   Existing corporate boundaries
   2.2   Extension of corporate boundaries
Article III.   Mayor and Board of Commissioners
   3.1   Composition of Board of Commissioners
   3.2   Method of election of Mayor and Board of Commissioners
   3.3   Terms; qualifications; vacancies
   3.4   Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore
   3.5   Compensation of Mayor and Commissioners
   3.6   Organization of Board; oaths of office
   3.7   Meetings of Board
   3.8    Quorum; votes
   3.9   Ordinances and resolutions
Article IV.   Election Procedure
   4.1   Regular municipal elections
   4.2   Voting
   4.3   Polling places
   4.4   Filing of candidates
   4.5   Regulation of elections
   4.6   Wards; establishment and alterations
   4.7   Apportionment of annexed territory
   4.8   Present ward boundaries continued
Article V.   Town Manager
   5.1   Appointment; compensation
   5.2   Chief administrator
   5.3   Duties of Town Manager
Article VI.   Town Attorney
   6.1   Appointment; qualifications; terms; compensation
   6.2   Duties of Town Attorney
Article VII.   Administrative Officers and Employees
   7.1   Town Clerk
   7.2   Town Tax Collector
   7.3   Town Accountant
   7.4   Consolidation of functions
   7.5   Volunteer Fire Chief
Article VIII.   Finance
   8.1   Custody of town money
   8.2   Issuance of bonds
   8.3   Purchases and contracts
   8.4   Independent audit
Article IX.   Claims Against the Town
   9.1   Title to properties used for certain purposes
   9.2   Tort claims
Article X.   Miscellaneous
   10.1   Traffic Bureau
   10.2   Library and recreation funds
   10.3   Police jurisdiction extended
   1   Purpose of Charter Act
   2   Savings clause
   3   Acts repealed by Charter Act
   4   Vested or accrued rights or interests
   5   Revivor
   6   Existing ordinances and resolutions
   7   Severability
   8   Repeal of conflicting laws
   9   Effective date