General Provisions
   51.01   Superintendent of Water and Sewer System
   51.02   Damage to town sewer system, reservoir prohibited
   51.03   Shutting off water for alterations, repairs, and the like
Connection Regulations
   51.10   Connection required
   51.11   Application
   51.12   Connection fees
   51.13   Licensed plumber to make connection
   51.14   Separate connection, meter required
   51.15   Connection equipment, meters and property of town
   51.16   Town to maintain meters
   51.17   Connections outside town limits
   51.18   Separate metered service lines required for in-ground irrigation systems
   51.25   Prohibited discharges
Rates and Charges
   51.35   Schedule of rates and charges
   51.36   Deposit required for service; rate schedule
   51.37   When meters read, bills payable
   51.38   Disconnection for late payment
Water, Sewer and Street Extension Policy
   51.50   Water, sanitary sewer and street extension policy
Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control
   51.60   Water cross-connection control
   51.61   Definitions
   51.62   Right of entry
   51.63   Unprotected cross-connection prohibited
   51.64   Installation and testing of backflow prevention assembly
   51.65   Degree of hazard
   51.66   Notice of contamination or pollution
Water Shortage Response Plan
   51.70   Authority to implement
   51.71   Factors leading to the implementation of the Water Shortage Response Plan
   51.72   Water use classifications
   51.73   Phased response/reduction goals
   51.74   Enforcement
   51.75   Variances
   51.76   Public comment
   51.77   Effectiveness
   51.78   Return to normal
   51.79   Revision
Sewer Use Ordinance
   51.90   Adoption by reference
   51.99   Violations; Penalty