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Director of Finance 
232.01   Investment of surplus moneys.
232.02   Authority to sign vouchers and checks.
232.03   Fixed asset and supply inventories; audits.
232.04   Authority for making and redemption of interim deposits.
232.05   Reimbursement of capital expenditures from reimbursement bonds; declarations of official intent required.
232.06   Investment policy.
232.07   Director of Finance.
   Director of Finance - see CHTR. Ch. V 
   Establishment of Finance Department - see CHTR. Sec. 36 
   Finance generally - see CHTR. Ch. X 
   Law Enforcement Trust Fund - see ADM. 240.08 
   Purchasing procedures - see ADM. Ch. 252 
   Authority re affirmative action - see ADM. 290.02 
   Audit Committee - see ADM. Ch. 296
   Municipal Court Computer Fund - see ADM. 298.02, 298.03
   Parking Violations Bureau - see TRAF. Ch. 454
   Board of Building Standards Assessment Fund - see B. & H. 1442.06