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(revised 2/19/02)
   Meters may be tested at the instigation of Avon Lake Regional Water or the consumer. If requested by the consumer, such request shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by a deposit in the amounts as stated below:
         5/8” to 1” Meters               $40.00
         1-1/4” to 2” Meters               Time and Material
   Should any Avon Lake Regional Water customer request his/her meter be tested for accuracy, such test will be done by Avon Lake Regional Water or its agents. If the meter so tested for accuracy does not meet American Water Works Association water meter accuracy standards, then there will be no charge to the customer requesting such test. If, however, the meter tests accurate by the same American Water Works Associations standards, then all costs associated with such testing procedure plus a 10% administrative fee shall be billed to the customer. If said bill is not paid in 30 days from the date of billing, it shall become part of the next water bill and as such shall be subject to all existing collection policies of Avon Lake Regional Water.
   The customer or the customer’s agent shall be present to witness said test. Failure of the customer to witness the test at a mutually agreed upon time shall not relieve the customer of any expense incurred by Avon Lake Regional Water in preparation for said test.