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New Water Lines                           (revised 1/21/14)
   Fill the Line *                           $335.00
   Flushing and Bacteria Sampling *                  $750.00
   Bacteria Check Sample *                     $350.00
   Put Line in Service                        $145.00
   Laboratory Analysis (price reflects “per sample” cost)   $40.00
* Flushing and sampling effort assumes street pavement is complete or contractor supplies and installs required hoses. All additional effort required by Avon Lake Regional Water will be billed at the established hourly labor rate plus 100%.
New Sanitary Sewers                        (revised 1/21/14)
   Review Inspection Video                     $135.00
   Installation and Removal of Plug                  $645.00
For all new sanitary sewer installations in the City of Avon Lake, Avon Lake Regional Water will perform the following tasks at the costs established in the current New Line Testing Fee Schedule:
      1.   One trip to install and one trip to remove a plug on the new sanitary’s connection to the City’s existing system.
         -   The contractor shall immediately notify Avon Lake Regional Water upon connection of the new sanitary to install the plug.
         -   The plug shall remain on the new sanitary until such time as the new sewer has been accepted by the City.
         -   Tampering with the plug for the purpose of draining storm water and allowing such water entry to the Avon Lake sanitary sewer system shall be subject to a $1000.00 fine that must be paid in full to Avon Lake Regional Water prior to the acceptance of the sewer.
      2.   One review of the TV inspection video of the new sanitary sewer for acceptance of the installation.
         -   Camera shall be of the pan-and-tilt type with sufficient illumination and focus to adequately view the pipe’s condition and alignment.
         -   Both the videotape narrative and written report shall call out all observed defects by measured location.
         -   Inadequate videotape quality or reports will cause the sewer to be rejected by Avon Lake Regional Water until an acceptable videotape is provided.
Any additional manpower, testing, review or consultation from that specified above will be billed on a time and material basis plus 100% of the labor costs. All such additional costs shall be billed to the project’s owner on all private projects and to the prime contractor on all public projects and are due upon receipt.
All other existing installation and testing requirements not specifically addressed herein shall remain unchanged and in full effect.