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Employment and Use of Outside Counsel
Editor's note: The City provides by ordinance, from time to time, for the services of an attorney, who is designated the Director of Law. The City also provides, periodically by ordinance, for the services of attorneys who are designated Prosecutor and Assistant to the Director of Law. Duties and compensation for such positions are contained in such ordinances. Copies of all relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
234.01   Contracts.
234.02   Retention of outside counsel for legal services.
234.03   Existing use of outside counsel.
234.04   Approval of fees by outside counsel.
234.05   Disbursement of funds for fees by outside counsel.
234.06   Assistant Law Director.
234.07   Conflicts of interest.
   Establishment of Law Department - see CHTR. § 36 
   Director of Law - see CHTR. § 37