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   (a)   Definitions.  As used in this section:
      (1)   "Authorized officer" means the Finance Director as fiscal officer or any person designated for the purpose by the fiscal officer.
      (2)   "Bonds" means and includes bonds, notes, certificates and other obligations included in the meaning of the term "bonds" as defined in Section 150 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.
      (3)   "Declaration of official intent" means a declaration of intent, in the form, manner and time contemplated in the Reimbursement Regulations, as defined in this subsection, that the advances for expenditures referred to in the declaration are reasonably expected to be reimbursed from the proceeds of reimbursement bonds to be issued after the expenditure is paid.
      (4)   "Reimbursement" or "reimburse" means the restoration to the City of money temporarily advanced from its other funds and spent for capital expenditures (and certain other types of expenditures qualifying under the Reimbursement Regulations, including any issuance costs for reimbursement bonds) before the issuance of the reimbursement bonds, evidenced in writing by an allocation on the City's books and records that shows the use of the proceeds of the reimbursement bonds to restore the money advanced for the original expenditure.  The term "reimbursement" or "reimburse" generally does not include the refunding or retiring of bonds previously issued and sold to, or borrowings from, unrelated entities.
      (5)   "Reimbursement bonds" means bonds, the proceeds of which are to be used for reimbursement.
      (6)   "Reimbursement Regulations" means Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2, and any amendments thereto or superseding regulations, whether in proposed, temporary or final form, as at the time applicable, prescribing conditions under which the proceeds of reimbursement bonds, when allocated or applied to a reimbursement, will be treated as expended for all or any purposes of Sections 103 and 141 to 150 of the Internal Revenue Code.
   (b)   Authority of Authorized Officer; Declarations.  Each authorized officer is authorized to:
      (1)   Prepare and sign declarations of official intent with respect to capital and other expenditures to which the Reimbursement Regulations apply (including any costs of issuance of reimbursement bonds) to be made from money temporarily available and which are reasonably expected to be reimbursed (in accordance with applicable City authorizations, policies and practices) from the proceeds of reimbursement bonds;
      (2)   Make appropriate reimbursement and timely allocations from proceeds of reimbursement bonds to reimburse such prior expenditures; and
      (3)   Take any other actions as may be appropriate, all at the times and in the manner required under the Reimbursement Regulations, to satisfy the requirements for the reimbursement to be treated as an expenditure of such proceeds for purposes of Sections 103 and 141 to 150 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. 
   No advance from any fund, account or order for payment may be made for expenditures (other than expenditures excepted from such requirement under the Reimbursement Regulations) that are to be reimbursed subsequently from proceeds of reimbursement bonds unless a declaration of official intent with respect thereto is made within the time required by the Reimbursement Regulations.  All declarations of official intent heretofore made on behalf of the City are hereby ratified and adopted.
(Ord. 163-93.  Passed 11-22-93.)