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   (a)   The benefits provided in Section 260.03 (Sick Leave), Section 260.06(d) (Holidays), Section 260.08 (Health Insurance), Section 260.09 (Life Insurance), Section 260.095 (Dental and Eye Care Insurance), Section 260.16(g) (Use of City Vehicles by City Employees), Section 260.18 (Bereavement Leave), Section 260.20 (City Pick-Up of Employee Contributions to PERS) and Section 260.22 (Jury Duty) shall also be paid and/or provided to the Mayor, effective January 1, 2000.
   (b)   The Mayor shall also receive an annual vacation of two normal work weeks with pay as of January 1, 2000.  Further, the Mayor shall receive two personal holidays in addition to the four personal holidays provided in Section 260.06.
   (c)   The salary and benefits to be paid and provided to the Mayor as set forth herein and as established by Council from time to time are the total compensation to be so paid and provided for the performance of the duties of the Mayor's office as established by applicable laws.  Such duties include, but are not limited to, the general supervision of the Police Department, Fire Department and all other departments created from time to time having to do with the preservation of the safety of persons and property within the Municipality, until such latter duty is otherwise provided for by Council as provided in Section 40 of the Avon Lake Charter.
   (d)   The benefits set forth herein shall be effective for the Mayor's term of office commencing on January 1, 2000.
(Ord. 10-99.  Passed 1-25-99; Ord. 27-2015. Passed 3-9-15.)