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   In the event a City employee is called for jury duty or is required to testify as a witness pursuant to subpoena or court order issued by any court of record and of competent jurisdiction, or by Council or any Board or Commission of the City, the City shall pay to such employee such compensation as the said employee was to receive as pay from the City based on his or her pay rate for the regularly scheduled work time lost in fulfilling the jury duty or witness call responsibility, if any, and excluding overtime. Such employee must provide adequate evidence to prove to the satisfaction of the City that he or she is entitled to such regular compensation. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, no City employee shall receive such jury duty or witness compensation as called for herein if such employee is also entitled to receive any benefit or compensation for jury duty or serving as a witness during regularly scheduled work time by virtue of the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with the City in effect at the time involved.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91; Ord. 68-2015.  Passed 6-8-15.)