§ 9-4.630 DRIVEWAYS.
   (A)   Curb openings for driveways may be shown in their proposed location on the improvement plans and shall be constructed in accordance with standard details approved by the City Engineer.
   (B)   The maximum widths of curb openings for residential driveways shall be 14 feet for a single driveway and 21 feet for a double driveway. Curb openings shall be measured from top of ramp to top of ramp.
   (C)   No driveway depression shall be located within five feet of the curb at street intersections.
   (D)   No driveway depression shall be located within five feet of a fire hydrant.
   (E)   When on-site improvements or other circumstances require moving the driveway location, the curb, gutter, sidewalk, or other facility affected shall be reconstructed to meet respective standards.
   (F)   Exceptions.
      (1)   Wider driveways may be permitted upon the approval of the City Engineer and Chief of Police provided the applicant can show the following:
         (a)   That approval will not create a parking problem;
         (b)   That approval will not create a traffic problem; and
         (c)   That the nature of the use of the property is such as to absolutely require a wider driveway.
      (2)   All requests for exceptions shall be in writing.
('66 Code, § 9-4.630) (Ord. 275-C-S, passed 3-11-75; Am. Ord. 369-C-S, passed 7-27-78) Penalty, see § 9-4.903