General Provisions
   52.001   Sewage Works Replacement Fund
   52.002   Septic systems and geothermal open-loop systems prohibited
Public and Private Sewers
   52.015   Definitions
   52.016   Waste and water discharge regulations
   52.017   Private sewage disposal systems
   52.018   Connection to public sewer
   52.019   Discharge of certain waters or wastes prohibited
   52.020   Pretreatment of industrial wastes
   52.021   Plans for pretreatment or control facilities
   52.022   Discharge of certain unpolluted water to storm sewer
   52.023   Discharge of industrial cooling water
   52.024   Reports on wastewater flow characteristics required
   52.025   Periodic determinations of wastewater strength
   52.026   Grease, oil and sand interceptors or traps
   52.027   Report by users of unusual flows or wastes
   52.028   Compliance with state and federal requirements
   52.029   Damaging and tampering prohibited
   52.030   Authority to inspect
Availability Fee; Ownership of System; Inspections
   52.045   Definitions
   52.046   Ownership of system
   52.047   Connection permits
   52.048   Availability fee
   52.049   Sewer Availability Fund
   52.050   Required connections
   52.051   Amendment
Sewer Charges and Rates
   52.065   Definitions
   52.066   User classes
   52.067   Collection of charges and rates
   52.068   Basis and determination of charges and rates
   52.069   Preparation, billing and collection
   52.070   By-laws and regulations
   52.071   Special rate contracts
   52.072   Appeal procedure
   52.073   Platted lots and developed properties
   52.074   Irishman’s Run users
   52.999   Penalty