(A)   Purchase orders.
      (1)   All purchase orders for supplies issued by the various county officials for or on behalf of the county, are to be submitted by requisition in triplicate for the approval of the County Auditor and the respective committee before being placed with the vendor.
      (2)   All orders shall indicate:
         (a)   Name of vendor;
         (b)   Date;
         (c)   Name of officer placing order;
         (d)   Quantities;
         (e)   Unit price;
         (f)   Description of items; and
         (g)   Total price.
      (3)   The orders are to be issued in quadruplicate, the original order and the three copies to be submitted to the County Auditor.
      (4)   Upon approval of the order of the County Auditor and the respective committee, one copy shall be returned to the county officer placing the order, one copy shall be retained by the County Auditor and the remaining copy together with the original shall be submitted to the vendor.
      (5)   After delivery of the merchandise, the vendor shall submit his or her copy of the purchase order, together with an invoice and a delivery slip signed by the person who received the order, to the County Clerk.
      (6)   The County Clerk shall staple the vendor’s copy of the purchase order, the invoice and the delivery slip to the claim and submit it to the County Auditor for approval for payment.
      (7)   Upon the County Auditor’s approval for payment, the claim will be returned to the County Clerk, who shall in turn submit it to the proper committee for approval for payment.
      (8)   Upon approval for payment by the proper committee, the County Clerk shall carry out the necessary steps to secure payment.
      (9)   The County Auditor shall not countersign any checks for payment unless the above routine has been adhered to in full.
      (10)   All claims against the county for payment of bills and services shall be date stamped by the purchasing department on their arrival and departure, by the auditing department on their departure and by the County Clerk’s office on their departure.
   (B)   Contracts.
      (1)   Copies of any and all contracts entered into by the County Board and all authorized county officers for or on behalf of the county shall be submitted to the County Auditor, who shall record the amounts of the contracts against the proper appropriation as encumbrances and shall check with the proper appropriation for overexpenditures, before the contracts are placed with the contractor.
      (2)   The County Auditor, thereafter, shall not approve for payment any claim pertaining to any contract if the claim does not accord with the terms and amounts as contained in the Auditor’s records and in the Auditor’s copy of the contract.
      (3)   The equal employment opportunity clause required by the State Fair Employment  Practices Commission as a material term of all public contracts, shall be a material term of all contracts of the county and shall be incorporated by reference in all contracts.
(1980 Code, § 40.04)  (1941 pp. 106—107, adopted 6- -1941)  (Sup. Rec. Bk. 220, pp. 401—402)
Statutory reference:
   Equal employment opportunity clause in public contracts, see ILCS Ch. 775, Act 5, § 2-105