(A)   There is established the unit price of $0.50 per copy for copies made by any county department. All departments doing reproduction are authorized to charge this amount, unless otherwise established by state statute or a resolution of the County Board.
   (B)   The County Sheriff’s Department is authorized to charge $2 per page for a copy of any Sheriff’s report on file. These funds shall be deposited in the Sheriff’s Fee Account and shall be turned over to the General Fund at the end of each month.
   (C)   The Will County Treasurer shall charge a mortgage lenders/closing companies a fee of $5 for a copy of a duplicate tax bill.
(1980 Code, §40.08)  (Res. 81-71, adopted 4-23-1981; Res. 81-227, adopted 12-17-1981; Res. 13-302, passed 11-21-2013)