In General
   111.01   Definitions
   111.02   City tax imposed on purchase price of intoxicating liquors sold at state stores
   111.03   Prohibited acts generally
   111.04   License tax for wine distributors and retailers
Nonintoxicating Beer
   111.15   Annual license required of all brewers and dealers in nonintoxicating beer doing business in the city
   111.16   License tax imposed on brewers and dealers; license year; classes of dealers and amount of tax; fee for issuance of license
   111.17   Unlawful acts of licensees; penalties
Private Clubs
   111.30   Annual license fee imposed
   111.31   When license fee payable; form of license; fund to which fees to be credited
   111.32   License fees not refundable or transferable
   111.33   Disposition of license fees
   111.34   Duty of local holders of state licenses to report to City Clerk at stated times to display license and pay city license fee
   111.35   City Clerk to maintain records of state licenses; receipts for fees; posting of receipts
   111.36   Expiration or revocation of state license revokes privileges under this subchapter
   111.37   Certain acts of licensee prohibited
   111.99   Penalty
   Food establishments, see Ch. 112
   General Offenses, see Ch. 130
   Nuisances, see Ch. 92