In General
   110.01   Definitions
   110.02   Purposes for which currently valid, paid up, city license required
   110.03   Application for and issuance of license; payment of tax and fees; City Clerk to maintain records
   110.04   False statements prohibited
   110.05   Separate license required for each fixed place of business and each class of business
   110.06   Expiration date; annual renewal; tax prorated upon start of business
   110.07   Display of license
   110.08   License a personal privilege, not assignable; effect of change of name, location, and the like
   110.09   License does not legalize unlawful acts
   110.10   Method for enforcing collection of license taxes, fees, and penalties
   110.11   Suspension and revocation of licenses, and public hearings upon appeal from revocation
   110.12   Prosecution for violations; recourse of city to seek injunctions
License Taxes on and Regulations Governing Certain Businesses
   110.25   Businesses not otherwise licensed
   110.26   License issuance fee to be paid by all businesses
   110.27   Bowling alleys and billiard or pool tables
   110.28   Cigarette and tobacco vendors
   110.29   Coin-operated devices; merchandise, service, music and amusement devices, or vending machines
   110.30   Same; washing, cleaning, and dry cleaning devices
   110.31   Collection agencies
   110.32   Corporations
   110.33   Hawkers and peddlers
   110.34   Hospitals, sanatoriums, and extended care facilities
   110.35   Hotels, motels, boarding houses, and the like; where lodging furnished
   110.36   Nursing homes
   110.37   Insurance
   110.38   Junk dealers and their agents; itinerant junk collectors
   110.39   Real estate brokers
   110.40   Small loan companies
   110.41   Taxicabs
   110.42   Theatres and theatrical exhibitions
   110.55   Store defined
   110.56   Construction of subchapter
   110.57   License required
   110.58   Application for license; filing fee
   110.59   Action on application; issuance of license
   110.60   Expiration date and term license; annual renewal required
   110.61   Annual license fees; Clerk’s fee
   110.62   Fees for licenses issued for six months or less
   110.63   Administrative costs; payments by City Clerk into City Treasury
   110.64   Payment under protest and remedy of persons feeling aggrieved
   110.99   Penalty