Development Plans
1220.01   Development plans required.
1220.02   Submittal of preliminary development plans.
1220.03   Development plan requirements.
1220.04   Submittal of final development plan and post-submission conference.
1220.05   Planning Commission review and modification.
1220.06   Performance standards.
1220.07   Approval of development plans.
1220.08   Application for building permit.
1220.09   Revision; lapse of approval.
1220.10   Development plans as affected by pending change in zoning classification district.
1220.11   Non-tolling of Zoning Ordinances.
Shopping Center District development plans - see PLAN.
& PLAT. Ch. 1109
Residential district regulations - see ZON. Ch. 1211
Development plan fees - see PLAN. & PLAT. Ch. 1115