(a)   After the preparation of preliminary and final plans pursuant to Sections 1220.01 through 1220.03, fourteen complete sets of the final development plans shall be submitted to the Department of Planning accompanied by an application form, application fee and a letter describing the proposal. The Director of Planning or his assignees shall review the plans for completeness to the Zoning Code requirements. Within sixty (60) days of submittal, the Director of his assignee shall notify the applicant or his representative in writing, by letter or email, if the submitted plans are complete and accepted or shall send notice to the applicant or his representative in writing, by letter or email, if the submitted plans are incomplete and not accepted by the Department for Planning Commission review and action.
   (b)   After said notice to the applicant or his representative that the submitted plans are incomplete and not accepted, the applicant or his representative shall have ninety (90) days from the date the notification is sent to complete the application and/or correct deficiencies identified by the Planning Department’s notification or the application shall be deemed incomplete and shall expire on the 90th day from the date of notification. In this event, the Planning Director or his assignee shall send notice, by letter or email, that the plans have expired by inaction on the part of the applicant or his representative. This section does not bar the applicant from submitting a new application in the future for the same development. A new application shall follow all procedures and requirements set forth in this code as if it were the original application including, but not limited to, the payment of all original application fees.
   (c)   Acceptance of the plan does not waive the right of the Planning Department or Planning Commission to request additional documentation, information or detail during their review. Development plans shall be distributed to applicable departments as determined by the Director for review and comment. Upon completion of Department review, the applicant may be requested to attend a post submission conference of department heads as the Director deems necessary. The Director of Planning shall notify the applicant of deficiencies in the submitted plan, compliance to the Zoning Code or other codes of the City, other development concerns and make recommendations which would improve the development plan. Recommendations by the Director of Planning are not exclusive or final. The Planning Commission may make additional recommendations or modifications as provided in Section 1220.05. After department review, the applicant may submit revised or amended plans to the Department for submission to the Planning Commission. (Ord. 2009-130. Passed 2-18-10.)