(a)   Within ninety (90) days from the date of the Commission meeting at which all required plans and data were first considered by the Planning Commission, the Commission shall either approve the submitted plan, approve a modified development plan or disapprove the development plan, unless the applicant shall consent to an extension of the time limitation. In the event the applicant chooses to withdraw the application, the time limitations of this section shall only apply if such application is later presented to the Planning Commission as required herein. If the applicant withdraws the application they have a ninety (90) day period to request to be placed on a future meeting of the Planning Commission and they may provide revised or additional material to be re-heard by the Planning Commission. After this ninety (90) day period, if the applicant has not requested to be heard, the application shall expire and be null and void.
   (b)   If the Planning Commission disapproves the development plans, the Planning Commission shall indicate in the minutes with particularity, the reason for disapproval. Upon approval by the Planning Commission, the development plan shall be submitted to Council for confirmation. Council may make modifications under the same procedure and requirements followed by the Planning Commission under Sections 1220.05 and 1220.06. Action by Council shall be deemed to be final. (Ord. 2009-130. Passed 2-18-10.)