Residential Districts
1211.01   Intent.
1211.02   Use regulations.
1211.03   Schedule of permitted buildings and uses.
1211.04   Accessory uses.
1211.05   Temporary structures.
1211.06   Removal of soil.
1211.07   Buildings permitted on zoning lot.
1211.071   Means of access in Single Family Cluster and Multi-Family Districts.
1211.08   Area, yard and height regulations.
1211.09   Schedule of area, yard and height regulations.
1211.10   Supplementary area and width regulations.
1211.11   Required lot area to be maintained.
1211.12   Lots of record of insufficient area or width.
1211.13   Lot area for group development.
1211.14   Supplementary yard regulations.
1211.15   Required yards to be maintained.
1211.16   Front yards or partially built-up blocks.
1211.17   Side yards, insufficient width.
1211.18   Yards of corner lots.
1211.19   Yards for multi-family dwellings.
1211.20   Yards for accessory buildings and uses; One-Family and Two-Family Districts.
1211.21   Yards for accessory buildings and uses; Multi-Family Districts.
1211.22   Projections of building features.
1211.23   Exceptions to height regulations.
1211.24   Dwelling unit area requirements; measurement standards.
1211.25   Schedule of minimum dwelling unit area requirements.
1211.26   Development plans.
1211.27   Satellite transmitting/receiving dish.
1211.28   Limited commercial use of historical buildings and sites.
1211.29   Nursing home; assisted living facility in single-family districts. (Repealed)
1211.30   Outdoor storage and parking of recreational equipment; prohibition and exceptions.
1211.31   Supplementary design regulations.
1211.32   Residential facility.
1211.33   Supplemental regulations for estate sized single family lots.
1211.34   Senior services in residential districts.
Animal regulations - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 505
Horses - see GEN. OFF. 505.17
Design standards for subdivisions - see PLAN. & PLAT. Ch. 1127
Business district regulations - see ZON. Ch. 1216
Industrial district regulations - see ZON. Ch. 1218
Development plans for Multi-Family Districts - see ZON. 1220.01 et seq.
Off-street parking and loading facilities - see ZON. Ch. 1221