Development plan approval shall be required for all new development, site improvements or building additions in the zoning districts or uses listed below. Development plans shall be submitted to the Department of Planning by the owner of the premises or his representative ("applicant") for review and approval by the Planning Commission of all development in Multi-family, Interchange Services, Shopping Center, General Business, Office Building, Executive Office Park, Recreation Business, Hotel/Motel, Exclusive Industrial, R-1F-Cluster, Planned Office, Planned Unit Development, Health Campus District, and Office-Laboratory  Districts, for all parking facilities in an Automobile Parking District and for all uses and buildings in R-1F-80 and R-2F-100 Districts excluding one and two family buildings and houses. Where the applicant is not currently the owner, the applicant shall submit proof of interest in said premises in the form of a purchase agreement, option to purchase or other similar documentation as approved by the Director of Law.
(Ord. 2018-85. Passed 12-6-18.)