All development plans or parts thereof shall be prepared and submitted by a State licensed/registered professional such as an engineer, surveyor or architect. Development plans shall be drawn at a scale of not less than fifty feet to the inch and a plan for a division of a development of a group of lots and shall be drawn at a scale of not less than one hundred feet to the inch. The development plans shall include all of the following items, unless waived by the Director of Planning.
   (a)   Survey. A survey of the property including the permanent parcel numbers, land ownership and existing and proposed topography. Development plans shall also include a plat for the entire development area showing the street rights of way, easements, watercourses, retention basins, property line dimensions and bearings; surrounding streets and adjoining lots.
   (b)   Buildings and Structures. The location, size, height, use, general design, color and exterior facade material of all main and accessory buildings or structures and proposed fences or walls. The plans shall also indicate the location and outline of buildings on adjoining parcels of land.
   (c)   Floor Plans. Floor plans drawn to scale, dimensioned and labeled indicating the proposed uses of all building areas.
   (d)   Streets and Sidewalks. The proposed public and private system of circulation including: automobiles, delivery trucks, emergency vehicles and pedestrian details for connection to existing streets and rights of way; methods to control traffic, size and type of pavement, estimate of traffic volume and proposed names of any street.
   (e)   Parking and Loading Areas. The layout, location, dimensions and estimate of number of spaces, type of pavement, curbing, design features and landscaping.
   (f)   Utilities. Preliminary on-site utilities including water lines, fire hydrants, sanitary sewers and storm sewers, including easements and connection to existing or proposed utility service to the project.
   (g)   Outdoor Storage. The location and layout for all areas of all permitted storage or displays of any material, vehicle, waste material, products or container for storage including storage enclosures.
   (h)   Signs. The location, size, height, design and material for all signs to be placed on the property or the outside surfaces of all structures or vehicles on the property.
      (Ord. 1988-64. Passed 6-16-88.)
   (i)   Landscaping and Exterior Lighting. The design and location of all existing vegetation and proposed landscaping areas, open spaces, retention areas, yards including taxonomic names and sizes of all proposed plant material; the location, height, design and specifications of exterior lighting as required in Section 1230.03. (Ord. 2017-110. Passed 12-21-17.)
   (j)   Buffering. The location, size, height and type of plantings and/or screening to be used in compliance with Chapter 1130 and/or plantings as may be required to satisfy the directives of the Planning Commission to separate, screen and/or protect adjoining property.
   (k)   Grading; Drainage. A topographic plan indicating existing and proposed grading, drainage, drainage structures, retention systems, ditches, drain sizes, easements and, if required, engineering documents and drainage calculations pursuant to Chapter 1111 .
   (l)   The applicant shall also submit a list of names and addresses of all property owners within 500 feet of the perimeter of the premises to be developed, prepared and certified correct by a title company doing business within Cuyahoga County.
      (Ord. 1988-64. Passed 6-16-88.)
   (m)   Design. Design plans showing building style, list of exterior material, material samples, color renderings and other architectural and landscaping plans incorporating design elements required in Chapter 1237 .
      (Ord. 2001-204. Passed 2-21-02.)