(a)   After submittal of complete plans and review by the Planning Department for compliance to the Zoning Code pursuant to Section 1220.04, the Chairman of the Planning Commission shall place the development plan application on the Planning Commission agenda as soon as practicable after the plans have been determined to be complete according to the requirements of Section 1220.03. The Planning Commission shall review the plans taking into account the spirit and intent of the Zoning Code, the standards and requirements of the Zoning Code, the location of the proposal, the effect on the surrounding properties and the relationship of the proposal to the Guide Plan.
   (b)   The Commission, in reviewing the proposed development plans for conformity to the provisions of the Zoning Code, may make adjustments to certain yards, area and other dimensioned requirements based on the performance standards of Section 1220.06. If the applicant requests modifications or reductions to one standard, the Planning Commission may recommend and request modifications to increase other standards to offset the applicant’s request. If modifications made by either the Planning Commission of applicant are subsequently approved by the Commission the modifications shall be made a part of the development plans and indicated on revised plans submitted by the applicant or such modifications shall be affixed to the development plans approved and signed by the applicant and chairman of the Commission. The applicant and/or his assigns shall be bound by such modifications and conditions affixed and/or made a part of the approved development plan.
(Ord. 2009-130. Passed 2-18-10.)