(a)   Except for minor improvements, as determined by the Planning Department Director, the applicant shall submit seven copies of the preliminary development plan to the Planning Department for review and approval by the Planning Commission prior to submission of final development plan. The Planning Commission shall, within thirty days of the submittal of a completed application by the applicant, review the preliminary development plan for general conformance to the requirements of Part 12. The applicant shall attend all Planning Commission meetings at which the preliminary development plan is being considered to discuss preliminary development plan. The applicant shall make, if necessary, corrections, amendments or revisions and resubmit the final development plan to the Planning Department in accordance with Section 1220.04.
   (b)   The preliminary development plan shall contain the following schematic information:
      (1)   Property lines and dimensions of the parcels proposed for development;
      (2)   Proposed main and accessory buildings, including size, location, and architectural building elevations;
      (3)   The location of existing main buildings on adjacent lots and across the streets bounding the property to be developed;
      (4)   The size, location, and nature of proposed signs;
      (5)   Site improvements including grading, drainage and landscaping;
      (6)   Residential density if applicable;
      (7)   The location of streets, parking and traffic circulation; and
      (8)   Other plans deemed necessary to fully describe the development.
   (c)   If the Planning Director deems the application to be minor improvements, the requirements of this section are waived and the applicant may instead submit the final development plan in accordance with Section 1220.04.
(Ord. 2023-6. Passed 4-20-23.)