(a)   Sightseeing or Heavy Vehicles. Sightseeing vehicles or other heavy or cumbersome vehicles shall not enter any cemetery without permission of the Superintendent of Cemeteries.
   (b)   Places of Entrance. No person shall enter, nor shall any vehicle be propelled or driven into, any cemetery except through the established gates and entrances thereof.
   (c)   Speed. No vehicle shall be driven in any cemetery at any time at a speed greater than is reasonable and proper under all circumstances, and in no event in excess of fifteen miles per hour.
   (d)   Operation on Roadways Only. No vehicle of any description shall be driven or propelled in any cemetery except upon those portions of the roadways set aside for vehicular traffic.
   (e)   Application of Traffic Code. The provisions of the Traffic Code, relative to the operation of vehicles and the conduct of pedestrians, shall apply and control in cemeteries, except as modified in this chapter.
(Ord. 16.  Passed 9-1-64.)