(a)   Trimming. If any tree or shrubbery situated upon any lot, because of its roots, branches or otherwise, becomes detrimental to the adjacent lots or roadways of any cemetery, or is unsightly or inconvenient to pedestrians or vehicles, it shall be the right and duty of the Superintendent of Cemeteries to enter the lot and remove, cut back or trim such tree or shrubbery.
(Ord. 16.  Passed 9-1-64.)
   (b)   Artificial Flowers.  Artificial flowers are permitted provided that they are placed in a cone vase and secured with styrofoam or other base material.  Artificial flowers may also be placed in a wrought iron plant stand or hanging from an approved shepherd's hook.  Cut flowers may be in a cone vase placed directly behind the headstone.  Artificial flowers shall include, but not be limited to, silk flowers.
(Ord. 1993-04.  Passed 3-2-93; Ord. 2004-08.  Passed 7-20-04.)
   (c)   Injuring or Removing. No person shall cut, remove, injure or carry away any flower, shrub, tree, plant, vine or other growing thing in or from any cemetery.
(Ord. 16.  Passed 9-1-64.)