(a)   Appointment; General Authority. The City Manager shall appoint a Superintendent of Cemeteries, by and with the consent of Council, at the first regular Council meeting in July. The appointment shall be for an indefinite period and the Superintendent shall be responsible to, and serve at the pleasure of, the City Manager. The Superintendent shall have complete supervision of all cemeteries owned and/or maintained by the City and is hereby charged with the enforcement of this chapter and all rules and regulations established under authority of this chapter.
   (b)   Duties. The Superintendent shall maintain order in all cemeteries owned or maintained by the City and make complaints for any violation of this chapter. He or she shall supervise all workmen, visitors and drivers in the cemeteries and shall act as a police officer therein.
   (c)   Definition.  As used in this chapter, "Superintendent" means the Director of the Department of Public Works.
(Ord. 1996-04.  Passed 3-5-96.)