General Provisions
   154.001   Definitions
   154.002   Abatement of nuisances and lodging houses
Maintenance of Dwelling Units
   154.015   Compliance required
   154.016   Foundation, floor, wall, ceiling, roof
   154.017   Windows, doors and the like
   154.018   Stairs and porches
   154.019   Plumbing fixtures
   154.020   Bathroom floor surfaces
   154.021   Rain spouts
   154.022   Exterior wood surfaces
   154.023   Supplied facilities
   154.024   Services and facilities not to be shut off
   154.025   Clean and sanitary condition
Minimum Standards for    Basic Equipment and Facilities
   154.035   Compliance required
   154.036   Kitchens
   154.037   Toilets
   154.038   Rubbish and garbage storage facilities
   154.039   Hot water heating equipment
   154.040   Exits
Minimum Space, Use and Location Requirements
   154.050   Compliance required
   154.051   Minimum floor area
   154.052   Minimum sleeping room floor area
   154.053   Ceiling height
   154.054   Permit required to use cellar space as dwelling unit
   154.055   Use of basement space
Minimum Standards for    Ventilation, Light and Heating
   154.065   Compliance required
   154.066   Windows and ventilation
   154.067   Bathrooms to comply with light and ventilation requirements
   154.068   Electrical service
   154.069   Heating facilities
   154.070   Lighting facilities
   154.071   Screens
   154.072   Rodent proofing
Responsibilities of Owners and Occupants
   154.085   Requirements in addition to chapter
   154.086   Maintenance of common areas
   154.087   Maintenance of occupied premises
   154.088   Extermination
   154.089   Plumbing fixtures
   154.090   Hanging screens
   154.091   Rubbish and garbage disposal
Rooming Houses
   154.105   Compliance with chapter
   154.106   Permit provisions
   154.107   Notice to occupants of violations
   154.108   Toilet and bath facilities
   154.109   Change of linen
   154.110   Minimum floor area
   154.111   Exits
   154.112   Responsibility for sanitary maintenance
   154.113   Applicability of chapter to hotels
   154.114   Meals; "No Cooking" signs
Unfit Dwellings and Condemnation
   154.125   Compliance required
   154.126   Condemnation; dwellings to be placarded
   154.127   Vacating condemned buildings
   154.128   Correction of defects
   154.129   Defacing or removing placard
   154.130   Demolition of condemned buildings
   154.131   Hearing on condemnation
Administration and Enforcement
   154.160   Inspections; right of access
   154.161   Notice of alleged violation
   154.162   Hearing on alleged violation; result of hearing
   154.163   Housing Code Board of Appeals
   154.164   Procedure for appeals
   154.165   Highest standards to prevail