At least one flush closet, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower, properly connected to a water and sewer system approved by the Director of Health, and in good working condition, shall be supplied for each two rooming units of three rooms or less, or each six persons or fraction thereof residing within a rooming house, including members of the operator's family wherever they share the use of the facilities; provided that, in a rooming house where rooms are let only to males, flush urinals may be substituted for not more than one-half the required number of water closets. All such facilities shall be located within the dwelling as to be reasonably accessible from a common hall or passageway to all of the persons sharing the facilities, and shall be on the same floor as the rooming units which it serves; provided that, where the number of rooming units does not exceed two, the Director of Health may approve the use of suitable and adequate facilities on the floor immediately above or below the rooming units if the total number of persons using the facilities does not exceed four and if the use does not conflict with other provisions of this chapter or the state statutes. Any one toilet may not be shared by the occupants of more than two floors. Every lavatory basin and bathtub or shower shall be supplied with hot water at a temperature of not less than 120°F. No such facilities shall be located in a basement except by written approval by the Director of Health.
(1967 Code, § 9-63)  Penalty, see § 10.99