Chap. 705. Billiard Rooms.
Chap. 709. Fortunetelling and Clairvoyancy.
Chap. 717. Mechanical Game Devices.
Chap. 721. Mechanical Musical Instruments.
Chap. 725. Motels and Inns.
Chap. 727. Parking Lots.
Chap. 729. Peddlers, Itinerant Vendors and Solicitors.
Chap. 730.  Personal Property Sales (Garage, Yard, Estate).
Chap. 733. Public Dances and Dance Halls.
Chap. 737. Real Estate Business.
Chap. 741. Sale of Firearms.
Chap. 745. Sale of Goods in Public Places.
Chap. 749. Topsoil Removal.
Chap. 751. Tow Trucks.
Chap. 753. Vehicles for Hire.
Chap. 755. Self-Service Filling Stations.
Chap. 757. Snow Plow Operators.
Chap. 759. Transportation of Radioactive Materials.
Chap. 761. Trash Containers.
Chap. 762. Donation Bins.
Chap. 763. Emergency Alarms.
Chap. 767. Outdoor Pay Telephones.
Chap. 769. Scrap Metal Processing Dealers.
Chap. 773. Video Service Providers.