Connection To and Use of Sewers
935.01   Connection to sanitary sewer  required.
935.02   Private sanitation systems.
935.03   Connection where no sewer main adjoins property.
935.04   Unauthorized use of sanitary sewers.
935.05   Discharges into sanitary sewers.
935.06   Inspections.
935.07   Enactment of rules and  regulations.
935.08   Application for sanitary sewer connection.
935.09   Tap-in permit required; standards and specifications.
935.10   Service connections.
935.11   Establishment of sewer rates and charges.
935.12   Grease, oil and sand interceptors.
Power to regulate utility systems - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(32)
Sewer assessments - see W. Va. Code 8-18
Sewage works and sanitary districts - see W. Va. Code Art. 16-13
Sewer connections - see W. Va. Code 8-18-22